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Do I really need a lawyer?

Whether you are planning for your future, trying to get relief from creditors or defend or bring a lawsuit, you will likely benefit by retaining the services of a qualified attorney.
Attorneys can help you clearly and quickly communicate your position, find the legal practices that will work to your best advantage and put their education and experience in your corner. They also know the procedures of courts, average values of claims and other information to help you achieve the best results possible.

How quickly should I see a lawyer if I think I need one?

We recommend you see an attorney as soon as you are able. Deadlines for filing documents and actions can be as short as 10 days. Contacting an attorney as quickly as you are able will help you preserve your claims or respond in a timely fashion. Getting in touch quickly also ensures your attorney has as much time as possible to work on your case, track down any necessary information and build your case.

Can you work in states where you aren’t licensed?

In some cases, attorneys are able to practice in states where they aren’t licensed, such as when they are working with another local attorney brought in to assist with your case.

Will anyone else work on my case?

One of the benefits of working with Richardson and Vogt, PLLC, is our commitment to providing you with personalized, attentive legal service directly from our attorney members. Occasionally, secretaries, paralegals and/or clerks may assist with your case. If the case arises where another attorney will work on your case, you will be advised in advance and the other attorney will wait not work on your case until you have given your approval or permission.

What if you can’t handle my case?

Our ultimate goal is your satisfaction. Therefore, we will not take on a case unless it is in your best interest. If we are unable to take on your case, we will be happy to recommend another attorney or firm who may be better suited to help you or to direct you to the attorney referral line of the local Bar Association.

What will your legal representation and services cost?

The cost of legal representation varies greatly depending on the type of case you want to pursue. We will give you an upfront cost or estimate of costs to the best of our ability either at your initial consultation or shortly thereafter. We are transparent in our billing and you are able to see the breakdown of all fees and expenses.

What types of services do you provide?

You can find our list of practice areas here. In general, we work on behalf of you to reach the best legal solutions possible. This involves more than just a trip to the courtroom. We research legal developments, investigate the facts of your case, write and prepare documents, negotiate settlements and more.

How do your attorneys keep up with the latest legal information?

In addition to researching each client’s case extensively, we prioritize staying on top of current legal issues. Laws and case law change frequently so it is important for attorneys to continue educating themselves to remain aware of the issues as they relate to their areas of practice. We complete continuing legal education courses on a variety of topics relevant to our practice every year, follow legal news and attend meetings and seminars at local bar associations to learn the latest developments.

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